Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Skeleton Shadow box with light

 I created this lighted Halloween shadow box using a couple Southern Ridge Trading Company products. I can not wait for Halloween to use it!

I used the window shadow box kit and these awesome creeper hands
I painted both with gesso, then with black and white acrylic paints. I distressed all the paper and chipboard pieces with TH distress inks in Black Soot and Vintage Photo. Everything else was from my large collection of unused die cuts.
I used a piece of opaque plastic in this, but Vellum would work great also.

I have more ideas for this Window Shadow Box Kit so there will most likely be another one of these in the near future.

Thanks so much for having a look!

Erin :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

 When I make them again I'll take some better photo's.
Vanilla Cupcakes stuffed with Duche De Leche, topped with vanilla buttercream and a dark chocolate glaze!

I promised that if the boys all gave these cupcakes a thumbs up, I would post the recipe. They definitely got the thumbs up! 

1 cake mix 
1 cup of softened salt free butter
1/2 cup of shortening 
3 1/2 cups sifted icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla 
3-4 tbs cream
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup dark chocolate 
1 tbs oil 
So here's how I made them:

1 box of white cake mix - (you could use any type)
Make the cupcakes according to the package directions and bake.
I got 18 cupcakes from one box of mix and I baked them for exactly 17 minutes

While the cupcakes are baking:
Take the can of dulce de leche and add it to a small saucepan on Medium high heat. Bring to a boil stirring often (this can burn fast DO NOT WALK AWAY), once boiling stir constantly for 5 minutes until the sauce starts to thicken. Pour the thickened sauce into a glass bowl to refrigerate until cool or at least room temperature. 

Once the cupcakes are done, put them on a baking rack to completely cool.
(This is pretty easy isn't it!?)

To make the icing, place the butter and the shortening into a mixing bowl. Beat it scraping down the sides every once in a while, until its light in color (almost white) and it's fluffy. Add your sifted, or at the very least, whisked, icing sugar and salt, mix for an additional 5 minutes. Now with the mixer still on, add the vanilla and cream a little at a time until mixed in and fluffy. If you want a thicker icing don't add as much cream, if you want it thinner add more. 

So now that the dulce de leche and the cupcakes are cooled, you are ready to go!

Use a straw/ apple corer/ spoon... whatever ya got, to hollow out a little bit of the center of the cupcakes. You want to be able to fit about a tbs of caramel in there. I used a plastic baggy with the tip cut off to fill them with. If you have a piping bag that would be good too ( or a spoon! Just get it in there!!)

Put the icing in a piping bag or plastic baggy and cover the cupcake tops with icing. A spatula/spoon will work here as well.

Last Step!
Put the chocolate and oil into a small microwavable bowl. Put it in for 40 seconds, stir, then 15 to 20 second intervals until melted, using a spoon drizzle over the tops of the cupcakes. It will harden in a few minutes.

Thats it!
Let me know if you give them a try and how you liked them.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!

Hi Everyone! 

I've got another Mini album to share with you. This one was made using the" Immortal Love" paper stack by DCWV. I loved it so much it was hard to find just the right project for it. Guess that's why it took me upwards of three years to use it lol! Anyway, here it is...

The paper flowers used on the cover and throughout the album are from
Southern Ridge Trading Company.
I used my silhouette to create the heart. It has 3 layers, and all have been popped up to make it stand out.
 The metal filigree is from Sacrafters, I've added a flat-back bead to the centre.

A belly band created to hold some of the photo mats. That paper is GORGEOUS!!

I made the flowers from some lace I had.

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions of comments please leave them down below :)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Paper poppy tutorial

Hi! Here's a tutorial on how to make your own little poppy flowers. I LOVE making my own embellishments. Its fun, saves a whole lotta money AND you can make them any colour you like!  I hope you'll give it a try too.